EXPO Milano 2015

EXPO Milano 2015

In May 2015 the two prototype developed in International Design Biennale Saint Etienne will be presented at the Word Expo in Milan, Italy.


Prototype 1. SOL Jacket

To power our mobile devices or share energy in the future, this jacket currently in development produces over 4 Watts daily by capturing light. It incorporates solar cells and LEDs. The systems and connectors are removable. The anti-bacterial and anti-odour lining is made out of S.Café® fabric.

Prototype 2. CAL Jacket

Worn next to the skin, this 3D-textured jacket explores the potential of heat exchanges between the body and the atmosphere. Electricity is created by Seebeck effect. The sleeves are made out of S.Café® fabric. This “street wear” is an initial example of a garment continuously recovering part of the energy produced by the human body.